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“Jordan Scott Gilbert is what this industry needs: kind and approachable. Our first meeting had such a relaxed and positive atmosphere, which made me as an actor feel safe and seen. What I appreciated the most about his vibe is that he doesn’t call things impossible. He’s encouraging to dream big and helps you believing that crazy goals are absolutely achievable!” - Oscar, cast of "HAMILTON"

"Working one-on-one with Jordan Scott Gilbert is a phenomenal, life changing opportunity that I never thought I would have. His direct approach to teaching, coupled with his extraordinary ability to impart, is an amazing gift that leaves you wanting more!!! His down-to-earth personality and positive attitude make it easy for anyone to open up and be vulnerable, while his sense of humor reminds you to be yourself and have fun. I learned more in one hour with Jordan, than I did in all my years of college combined. He is truly INCREDIBLE, and I cannot wait to work with him again! His sessions are worth EVERY PENNY!” ~ Stephanie (Actress)

"Getting the chance to work with Jordan Scott Gilbert in an audition workshop was a once in a lifetime opportunity. As an actor, I always over thought the process of an audition. However, I do not think that way anymore because Jordan gave me priceless audition techniques that now make the audition process an easy one. Not only did Jordan teach me acting techniques, but also taught me how to carry myself as a professional. I learned more in one day with Jordan than I did studying acting at school, which I have been doing for two years. If I had the opportunity to work with Jordan Scott Gilbert again, I would accept it in a heartbeat." ~ Jack (NY Actor)   


"Jordan Scott Gilbert is a brilliant performer and an amazing teacher.  He quickly found a way to show my 9 year-old daughter Sienna how to control her voice and infuse it with so much emotion and energy that her voice was changing before my eyes!  Needless to say, it was a breath-taking moment to hear Jordan demonstrate such an unbelievable clarity, strength and range of his voice during the lesson.  He is so down-to-earth and friendly that he made it easy for a child to follow his instructions to move closer to the height of his vocal talent.  A vocal lesson with Jordan is, truly, a priceless, once-in-a-lifetime experience!" ~ Rimma


"Jordan Scott Gilbert is an incredibly gifted teacher. In a short time, I have seen and felt a tremendous difference in how I sing, and in how I approach and think through songs that I am working on. His passion and excitement for helping others to become the best at their craft is evident as he takes his time explaining a concept or technique, and is continuously encouraging throughout the lesson. Mr. Gilbert does not waste your learning time, and utilizes every minute of the lesson. I have studied with many wonderful vocal coaches in the past, but Jordan by far is worth the time and money. If you live in NYC, or are coming for an audition and need a teacher, contact Jordan Scott Gilbert! You will NOT regret it!!" ~ Christina (NY Actress)


"Jordan Gilbert's class was the most informative and helpful piece of advice I have ever received about the industry. He broke it down to what you should expect as well as how to get your acting career started step by step. We went through an extremely helpful reading and Jordan told me what I was doing right and wrong and what to keep improving on. I can't wait to work with Jordan again. Definitely worth every cent!" ~ Alex (Actor)​

“Jordan Scott Gilbert is not only an incredibly warm hearted and kind person but a performance genius. In just 2 hours I learned new singing and acting techniques I've never heard of before that helped TREMENDOUSLY and changed the way I look at a song or monologue. Not only will you leave with an immense knowledge of performing and the business but you'll also leave with a smile on your face!!” ~ Melody (Actress)

"The two hours that I spent with Jordan were purposeful and extremely helpful. There was no lag time or time wasted. Jordan is personable, funny, and encouraging! He is a great coach and it is apparent that he wants to see you succeed. He is patient and welcomes mistakes - his vocal techniques are amazing. Once I utilized them, I heard a difference in my sound immediately. He taught me how to approach a song or monologue as an actor. He gave me great career advice and taught me what it truly takes to be successful. He kept me engaged and focused during our lesson. He is kind, warm, and comfortable to be around! He is generous and willing to help with audition materials and resume building. His advice is real and honest. He listens to your unique story and offers the most effective advice based on what would be best for you. That’s huge!!! You will get the MOST out of your first lesson if you spend two hours with Jordan! I really look forward to working with him again!!! He is someone that I would like to stay in touch with for as long as I can." ~ Patty

"What a powerful experience! My 14-year-old daughter recently had her first lesson with Jordan Scott Gilbert. After taking lessons for years with local teachers, my daughter was ready to push herself to the next level, while exploring opportunities for pursuing singing/acting as a future career. Jordan Scott Gilbert connected with her beautifully! He related to her so well and truly listened to her wishes as a young, aspiring performer.  His remarkable experiences and talent were evident as he quickly assessed her skills, level, and personality to connect with her and provide immediate, meaningful feedback.  Being so personable and flexible in his approach made it easy for her to become comfortable with him and receptive to his suggestions and advice. My daughter feels that she learned so much in a short amount of time (I did too!). She appreciated the honest feedback and was so happy to work with someone who could understand her individual wants and needs as a performer, as well as, relate to her in a supportive way to move her to the next level comfortably. As we were in awe during the first lesson, you can imagine how excited we are to work with him again! This first lesson was just the beginning of a transformative journey... I can't wait to watch my daughter learn and grow with this inspirational artist!" ~ Barbara

“My first lesson with Jordan was great. He taught me more about technique within an hour then in a 5 week course... was great and would definitely recommend!!" ~ Jasmine (Actress)

"Jordan is quick, honest and cuts to the chase! He does not hesitate to share his well-educated principles on breaking way into the industry. After my first session with Jordan, I feel I have the sprouts of my business plan for the year. Jordan squeezes into his sessions a plethora of information, resources, tips and tricks, 'dos and don’ts’ and personal experiences, so I'm signing off feeling I got my money’s worth! Jordan’s high energy, responsiveness, and focus makes me forget there are thousands of miles between us. I have a renewed confidence in myself when I’m receiving coaching from the best of the best, and from where I want to be, while I temporarily reside in another country. For years, I have struggled with breathing, pitch and tone in my vocal training. One session with Jordan and I already feel a difference in my delivery. He pinpoints the issues within seconds and knows how to steer me in the right direction with speed, clarity and accuracy. He is never hurtful when he gives notes — his friendliness encourages me to strive for improvement." ~ Hayley (Actress)

"I've had a great time working with Jordan. He is not just a great vocal teacher but also an amazing acting coach. Every time I have a lesson with him, I discover so many different and new feelings that come out naturally from the bottom of my heart, which I've never found before. As we work on breaking down the song, I get much more confident and that makes the song more real and sophisticated. Besides that, he is always so warm and friendly so I can relax and get much more comfortable during the lesson. Go to Jordan and you will be singing your heart out!" ~ Yukino (NY Actress)


"I have only taken 5 voice lessons with Jordan and in that time period he has taught me how to properly belt - which I had no idea how to do beforehand - and he has helped me understand and apply the ways to sing and act in an audition. I now feel more confident in my audition, which is a key step when trying to win a role. I am very thankful for my voice/acting lessons with Jordan and highly recommend him as he uses his time to help each student learn the art of singing/acting and prepares them to apply these skills to their audition." ~ Joanna (NY Actress)

"I enjoyed the session greatly!! It's good for both experienced and beginning actors.  I feel more confident in my acting and now I feel like I can absolutely ace any audition I can do. Some of the most beneficial two hours of my life." ~ Joseph (Actor)


"When I went to Jordan I didn't really know what to expect but as soon as we started he immediately made me feel comfortable enough to express myself. Jordan knows how to get the best out of your voice and unlock its fullest potential. Not only that, but he really helps you put the necessary emotion into your voice and acting performance to really help the audience connect to you." ~ Nicholas (NY Actor)


"I have learned a lot in the short amount of time I have worked with Mr. Gilbert. I have seen a major improvement in acting technique and vocal placement within myself. He has provided me with new perspective, and has informed me of different techniques to improve my muscle memory for acting. He has also helped prepare me for upcoming auditions. Jordan Scott Gilbert is an excellent vocal and acting coach and I enjoy working with him." ~ Mary (NY Actress)

"Jordan was terrific with my 11 year old daughter. He is an amazing vocal and acting coach.  He takes his time to explain each technique and helps the student feel comfortable.  I noticed an immediate improvement in her singing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!" ~ Shelly

"I have had the chance to work with Jordan for the past couple of months, working on audition technique as well as knowledge about the acting world and business. I have learned a lot and improved in a short amount of time... young, fun, detailed and refreshing approach to whatever material you're exploring during your lesson." ~ Morgane (NY Actress)


"Thanks to Mr. Gilbert for all the great effort and passion on our first meet, he not only helped me realize how much emotion I was holding back, but also gave great advice on how to control breathing, which 

automatically made me a better singer after those well developed exercises. He truly connects to you in a way you feel heard and protected, and he respects the work and works hard until you understand the direction he has given you." ~ Carlos (NY Actor)

"My first lesson with Jordan was phenomenal. He was very helpful in terms of breaking down a script and setting intentions. We did some great breathing exercises as well, which totally made the dialogue feel more natural and real. Not only did we put in the work on my monologue, he gave me some great advice in terms of the industry as well. I would most definitely recommend Jordan to anyone who is serious about moving forward with their acting career." ~ Matt (Actor)

"I loved working with Jordan - his techniques are very effective and after only one lesson I feel more confident when it comes to singing and auditioning for acting gigs. He's very professional and quite knowledgeable when it comes to his craft. I would recommend him to any singer or actor no matter the skill level!" ~ Kimberly (NY Actress)

"Jordan is a phenomenal coach! With just her first lesson, my 10 year old sang and acted better, and felt 110% more confident in her abilities. She cannot wait to have another lesson! He is funny, friendly, and amazing with young kids. Being a new “stage mom,” his inputs on career and the business are invaluable. I’m very excited to see my daughter reach her full potential with Jordan as a mentor. I highly recommend him!" ~ Claire


"I've been looking for ways into the industry for a while now and when I saw this opportunity to meet with Jordan Scott Gilbert for some one-on-one acting and career advice, I did not hesitate to apply. We met and just after one session I feel beyond prepared to tackle any audition I come across in the future. Not only that, but I now have knowledge on how to chose the people I will be working with for most of my career wisely. Even though I feel confident in my acting now, I know there is still much to learn and I definitely plan on meeting with Jordan again soon." ~ Richmond (Actor)

"Jordan was awesome; he was able to give me some really helpful tips on my voice and helped immensely with my acting monologue. He even gave me some insights into the field and how to grow my career with musical theater. I can't wait to work with him again and I highly recommend a session with him!" ~ Samantha

"My son has been taking lessons from Jordan for the past few months and the change in him is amazing. Jordan has brought my son from a timid stoic actor and has enabled him to reach inside himself and bring his performances to life. I am thankful for technology that has allowed Aiden to work with Jordan and for Jordan as a mentor." ~ Rene

"My first lesson with Jordan Scott Gilbert was one of the best experiences I have had. He has a great sense of humor and I was kinda nervous at first, but his calm and bright attitude made me feel so much better. He gave me so many helpful tips, which a lot of them I had no idea about! Thank you so much!" ~ Courtney


“Working with Jordan was such a pleasure!  He really understood my career goals and was able to pinpoint the areas, in terms of technique, where I could use improvement.  With his coaching, I saw an immediate shift in my voice just by using his tips on how to reposition my facial muscles to get the best result.  I noticed that the sound was bigger and less forced.  I love working with people who are tuned into my vocal needs as an individual as opposed to someone who just uses the same standard scale warm up for every student.  I highly recommend working with Jordan if you want a customized lesson and advice that will help you navigate through the entertainment industry.” ~ Sami

"I had a really good time working with Jordan! He provided very constructive feedback regarding the material that I brought in, and also gave great insight into ways in which I could work on exceeding my career in the theatre world. It was an all-around fun and beneficial experience!" ~ Romana (NY Actress)


"With Jordan Scott Gilbert you get the whole package: he works on your sound, dramatic delivery, and the overall presentation of every performance you deliver. He is terrific to go to for polishing your audition package, and has a keen understanding of what casting directors are really looking for in the audition room. He is also very nice and supportive, which went a long way in boosting my confidence as a performer. I feel lucky to have worked with him, and cannot wait to return in the future!" ~ Mark (NY Actor)

"After just one lesson, I could already feel a huge improvement just from the few quick tips Jordan provided. Not only is he good at what he does, but he's super friendly and knows how to break things down to the fundamental level and explain it in the least intimidating way possible. Definitely one of the best lessons I've had in a long while, I cannot recommend a lesson with him enough!" ~ Morgan (Actress)


“Working with Jordan was an absolute delight! He was very forward and to the point with his feedback. This was my first acting/singing lesson since the pandemic hit, and Jordan created a safe atmosphere that I felt comfortable to be ‘a little rusty’ in. His monologue work brought out new colors in my piece that immediately made a big difference in the performance. He also gave me some honest career coaching that I found to be super helpful as a recent college grad. All in all, it was a great lesson!” ~ Vanessa

“Jordan, having auditioned thousands of actors, has a unique ability to read a performer. He openly and honestly shares with you how you read as a performer and a person in an audition. I first hand was able to see immediate results and feedback from casting directors in my next audition.” ~ G. (NY Actress)

"Thanks so much for your insight during our session. It’s crazy that once I implemented what you were trying to teach me, I could tell the difference! Your teaching style is awesome and one that I can respond to!" ~ Suze (Actress)


"Working with Jordan is a fantastic experience. His years of experience in the industry add so much to one-on-one lessons. He knows exactly what casting directors look for in an audition, and works tirelessly to help his clients achieve it. More importantly, he helped me see that what the people in the room look for is often the most basic thing: confidence in yourself and your work. I couldn't be more grateful to Jordan for helping me find that within myself." ~ Brandon (NJ Actor)


"After years of vocal training that left me overly conscious of my vocal technique, Jordan helped me get back to the basics: the artistry of singing. Jordan's warm and welcoming presence allowed me to feel completely comfortable with him, creating a focused and constructive learning experience. He was able to pinpoint what I need to work on the most and gave me exercises to help strengthen those areas. I can't wait to work with him again!" ~ Ashley (NY Actress)


"I had my first session with Jordan Scott Gilbert. It was a great experience, he didn't waste any time, got right down to business, and quickly assessed me where I was vocally and with my acting. He made it easy and fun and I can feel and hear the difference. Can't wait for my next session!!!" ~ Shelley (NY Actress)

"My coaching session with Jordan was fantastic! In just 2 hours, I learned brand new, extremely useful vocal and acting techniques, and learned more about the industry then I ever have before! I would recommend all up-and-coming actors learn from him!" - Ally (Actress)


"Mr. Gilbert is awesome! I've learned so much for my first class. I can't wait for the journey ahead." ~ Samantha (NY Actress)


"I had a one-on-one session with Jordan recently via Skype - it was worth every penny and more... As an inexperienced talent (as I have only done one short news casting for a local TV News channel), I was recently actively seeked out via e-mail for an audition to be a member of their 2017 Roster, which I gratefully accepted their invitation to, following the interview... As you could imagine, I had millions of questions (having had little… more accurately, NO experience in the Entertainment Industry) like: what is the legitimacy of an agency?; how does everything work?; what are my chances of even pursuing this opportunity?; is it worth my time?, and what questions I NEED to ask, etc.. Jordan answered EVERY question in detail, even with some sense of humor added into it, which made me feel super comfortable with him from the start. He is a true expert in this field, which is obvious just by reading about his decades of working in this highly competitive industry. He was honest with his answers and thoughts about whether he could see great potential in me performing in specific projects or not. He can't obviously predict the future of your success, but he is open & honest with his invaluable opinions, which meant a lot to me, coming from someone with his caliber background. In summary, he is GREAT." ~ Susan (Actress)

“My first lesson with Jordan was productive and illuminating, especially as someone new to the acting world. He is great at explaining how things work and is easy to talk to. Looking forward to my next lesson!” - Brendan


"Jordan is a great guy to work with, he's very personable, fun, easy to talk to and non intimidating. He is knowledgeable about this industry and values others opinions. A true asset to me and the industry." ~ Mark (NY Actor)

“I absolutely loved my first lesson. Jordan is very patient and coaches very well. After my first lesson I feel more confident in acting as well as singing - not only that, but more knowledgeable about the industry. 10/10” ~ Sarah (Actress)

"My experience was great, I was really satisfied with Mr. Gilbert's feedback. I think the technical feedback on my voice and how to properly use it was very useful. Especially since I take voice lessons it was great to have another perspective. I loved hearing about show biz and how it actually works. Also, I am now better educated on where and how to put myself out there, so thank you. Great first lesson and really intrigued to continue with lessons." ~ Syd (Actress)


"Today Jordan and I worked on taking apart on line of a song and monologue and finding the intention and emotion behind each sentence. We also talked about what I was looking for in a professional career path and how to deal with certain difficult situations relating to school. I had a great lesson and am excited to work again next week!" ~ Clara (Actress)

“Jordan was very straightforward and to the point and now I know better and more efficient ways of improving my craft and getting into the industry.” ~ Christina (Actress)


"I came to Jordan Scott Gilbert because I was feeling stuck on what the next step for my career should be. He was able to quickly assess where I was and offer me practical advice about what I should be working on, how to find a reputable agent, and ways I can better market myself. He was insightful as well as personable to work with. I would definitely schedule a coaching with him again, and would recommend him to young professionals seeking to improve their craft and gain clarity regarding their career path." ~ Kaitlyne


"Just completed my first session with Jordan Scott Gilbert. The session was well-worth the investment. If someone was to ask me to describe my experience in one word it would be "Inspiring." Jordan's teaching style was amazing. His calmness quickly put me at ease during my first virtual vocal lesson, combined with his practical know-how and professionalism made his vocal classes an incredible and helpful experience. He gave not only areas of opportunities to work on, but encouraging, positive, honest and useful feedback. I truly enjoyed how he focused on one topic at a time, and didn't move forward till both of us were comfortable. I also liked how he checked in for understanding, yet allowed you to challenge and push yourself. Within the two hour session we covered not only vocal, but acting skills, as well as career path coaching. I would reccomend anyone if you have a chance to work with Jordan, to do so. You won't regret it and will be worth every dollar spent." ~ Paul

“Thank you Jordan for helping me improve my voice and confidence. I really think I have improved just by doing that one session. I'm looking forward to more improvements with you in the future.” ~ Shay (Actress)

“Jordan was informative, comprehensive and incredibly helpful in all aspects, lent a great perspective for anyone looking to start out in the industry. Absolutely recommend!” ~ Joe (Actor)

"Through backstage I went to an acting/singing lesson with Jordan Scott Gilbert. This was my first time doing a session such as this and Jordan provided me with great feedback on my next steps into this business. Besides breathing and acting techniques, he was helpful in providing me with example resumes and places to get headshots. As a whole I would recommend Jordan to someone starting out like me. He gave honest feedback on what I need to do in my future steps into this field. Thumbs up." ~ Abeni (NY Actress)

"Jordan was great! He is very knowledgeable and I would encourage anyone who is serious about acting to study from him. He knows his stuff and has a great understanding of what is expected in auditions." - Yunga

“Jordan Gilbert's 1:1 class was really eye opening. He taught me things I had never even considered when it comes to performing on Broadway. I look forward to applying that knowledge and working with him more.” ~ Ariel

"My first one-on-one lesson with Jordan Scott Gilbert just made sense. I wasn’t expecting that within the first ten minutes I would begin to understand the acting process so well. His explanations were precise and clear. His advice insightful. His demeanor inviting. I look forward to continuing my study of acting with Jordan. I definitely think with his coaching I will be moving closer to furthering my acting career." ~ Jodi

"Working with Jordan was such an amazing and inspiring experience! In just the couple of hours we worked together, I have already noticed a major improvement in my acting and singing. He quickly narrowed down the little problems in my song and monologue and helped me fix them quickly and efficiently! The career coaching was also very helpful and left me with lots to think about for my future." ~ Lauren (Actress)


"From our first lesson, Jordan reminded me that going back to the basics is ALWAYS key. He made me feel comfortable from the start and helped me to explore breathing and connection techniques in ways I had never previously been taught. The hour flew by, but the difference from start to finish in my ability to emote, connect to the song and audience, and hit notes with ease and gusto, was immeasurable. I look forward to many more lessons with Jordan and would recommend him to any passionate performers, from beginner to Broadway and beyond!" ~ Ali (NY/LA Actress)


"Jordan is a ball of energy, he is authentically and strategically helpful/knowledgeable of the entire audition culture in musical theatre. His attention to detail when helping an artist shape ones physical presence in any professional situation is specific and very affective." ~ LaMarcus (NY Actor)


"My first lesson with Jordan was incredible. He was so nice and made me feel extremely comfortable. I noticed a difference in my voice and acting immediately and learned so much about proper technique and show business in general. I would definitely go back! " ~ Annie (NY Actress)

"This was the BEST workshop. Now that I think about it no one ever taught me how to audition!” ~ Workshop Student

"I had such a great experience with Jordan in guiding me throughout this process. He is fun, funny and makes it very comfortable for me to repeat and rehearse lines without feeling nervous or terrified of the outcome of my performance. His enthusiasm is what I liked and I will continue to work with such a great coach. He explained also everything so clearly and also shared excellent feedback on the right websites, and castings to look out for. I Highly recommend." ~ Xio

"Working one-on-one with Jordan was such a delightful experience! He is such an honest and genuine person. Most well spent hours ever; he shared great and insightful advice on how to get started in the industry. I was able to gain new perspectives and ideas on how to better my own work. He gave me great techniques and tips on how to make my performances more exciting and dynamic. By the end, I noticed the differences and how much better I was in just an hour! I left with a better idea on what I can improve on for the future. Jordan not only gave me insight on how to present myself more professionally but he teaches in a fun, creative way which is hard to come by. You'll leave with a smile on your face at the end of the day and so much more knowledge in your back pocket. Looking forward to working with him again and would one hundred percent recommend his classes to everyone!" ~ Paola 

“WOW I have never before gained so much new information in one afternoon. It was engaging, applicable, and really exciting... you could see growth in each person as they worked through their piece. It was an amazing day and one I will not soon forget. Thank you so much for this opportunity!! Would love to do it again!" ~ Workshop Student

"Jordan Scott Gilbert has an ease of communicating notes and direction to students. I have been applying the technique's he gave me in just one lesson to many aspects of performing and have noted significant improvement. A lesson with him was worth the money and time." ~ Olivia (NY Actress)


"Mr. Gilbert's lessons are highly informative and enlightening. He has a way of teaching that allows the pupil to grasp the material in a way that makes sense, speaking on their level, and ensuring all is understood before moving on. He has a plethora of knowledge in the industry, and his passion does not go unnoticed." ~ Amanda (Actress)

"Jordan is so personable. From the second he answered the Skype call, I felt like I knew him. He knows a lot about the industry and is more than willing to share his knowledge. Yes, he knows a lot but he also acknowledges that there are no dumb questions. He gives you tips and tricks to connect to material very quickly. I'll definitely keep his techniques in mind whether I'm doing any kind of scene work or a song. Thank you, Jordan!!" ~ Maddie (Actress)


"Jordan creates an atmosphere that is so conducive to learning. He allows you to let go and truly get to “the meat” of the song. He also is very knowledgeable about the business, and I am truly grateful for his help! Can’t wait for the next lesson!" ~ Kaylee (NY Actress)

"He is a very outstanding teacher. He has extended Broadway experience. In my first lesson, he taught me how to breathe and how to use my breath to execute a longer note. He also taught me a few breathing exercises to further my voice skill. I learned a lot in just one lesson and cannot wait for more." ~ Austin (NY Actor)

"Jordan was fantastic! I appreciated his direct approach; really got right to the nitty of the work I needed, while simultaneously remaining sensitive to other areas and attributes I was looking to develop.  For me, it was audition technique followed by career goals & advice. Having worked with many teachers who find all sorts of creative ways to pad & cushion the lesson time slots with unnecessary talk; Jordan pretty much gave me a friendly hello and we got straight to work! Put simply, Jordan's a first rate coach who will TRULY give you the time you're paying for... and in such a way that doesn't feel rushed. Money well spent! " ~ EK

"Mr. Gilbert provided me with a lot of information about the film industry. I love the technique he taught me. I will schedule the next lesson with him soon! Thank you so much!" ~ Ada (NY Actress)

“Working with Jordan was an incredible experience. Within my first lesson, I was able to belt higher and sing more openly and expressively. I’ve found his tips on how I can improve my performance and get into the industry very helpful. I’d highly recommend Jordan as a coach to anyone looking to take their talent to the next level.” ~ Kelley (Actress)

“I really enjoyed working with Jordan. It helped me out a lot with developing characters and emotions.” ~ Lily

"Mr. Jordan Scott Gilbert was very insightful, which is really important to me. The session was filled with great energy and provided me with effective methods to begin my approach into the industry. Knowing that I have the support of someone like Mr. Jordan to work with to improve and possibly have a shot, is more than a dream." ~ Emma

"In the first few minutes of meeting Jordan Gilbert, I could already sense that this is a man of passion & respect. He immediately created a comforting environment which allowed me to be present. I’ve learned so much in two hours then I’ve learned in weeks of acting class! I would recommend him to anyone who is searching for a mentor - can’t wait to go back!" ~ Kharis

"As a classically trained singer with a BA in voice, Jordan has taught me more about my craft than all 4 years of voice lessons I had in college combined. Firstly, he knows how to explain hard things in an easy way and he knows exactly how to bring out the best parts of you while working on what could be even better. His industry experience was notable after the first 20 mins of working with him. Mostly because he was able to articulate why he was critiquing me the way that he was by using his experience to support his feedback. You can tell he has REAL LIFE experience from many different perspectives. Whether it be as a performer himself or a director/ producer, which I believe is going to make me a well rounded performer. On top of that, he does this all of this while being extremely humble! He is truly an influencer. In such a short time has started planting seeds that are changing the way I perceive my own talents in the best and most helpful ways possible. He is the REAL deal and he is worth every penny I’ve spent." ~ Sheila (Actress)

"I really appreciated Jordan's attentiveness and him cutting right to the chase. He didn’t sugarcoat anything. He is honest and very insightful.  He asked me some thought provoking questions, which lead up to the laid out, step by step actions to take for my career to grow. Jordan also had me do some improv on the spot and made me feel safe and unjudged. He really knows how to open you up and let go. Working with Jordan is a definite must for any individual with challenges in their acting career "to be the best they can be.” ~ Miguel (Actor)

“Jordan gave me a great nudge in the right direction for someone trying to sort out how to break into the business. He was quick hitting, to the point, and highly engaging; definitely worthy of the time spent.” ~ Matt (Actor)

"The lesson with Jordan was fabulous. It was a lot of information, but it was necessary information that I needed to know and learn to help me move up to the next level. It was really encouraging and insightful. Jordan helped me ease my nerves and tension and work on things that have been part of the problem for years, so thank you!" ~ Elizabeth (NY Actress)

"I had a fantastic lesson with Jordan where we worked on singing, acting and career coaching. He helped me with vocal and acting techniques and was extremely helpful. He also helped me with my nerves when auditioning and gave advice on how to calm them. He has extremely valuable acting industry advice for anyone looking to break into the industry. I didn't quite know where to start when it came to auditioning and finding an agent and I now feel confident in doing so. I would highly recommend working with Jordan." ~ Lindsay

"After my first lesson with Jordan, I can tell that he will be the perfect coach to bring out the best voice and performance that I have yet to discover. His approach is very personalized to the students needs. I felt as though he was on my side, cheering for me to dig deeper, relax, and don't over-think things (which I always tend to do). He also gave great audition and career advice that I can immediately use. I would recommend him to ANY serious singer/actor who wants to grow in their craft." ~ John (NY Actor)

"I thought it was a great lesson that was fast paced but Jordan jumped to the point of all the important things to brush up on for someone either skilled or beginning. I learned a bunch of new exercises to practice for breathing and posture, which is something I need to improve on! The advice I got for the business was incredibly helpful. Just great teaching and a positive atmosphere :)" ~ Anthony (NY Actor)

"After having been away from vocal training for years, I found that going to Jordan was a great start to breaking back into it. I was nervous but he created a non-judgmental and comforting environment. With his guidance I felt able to go right into my singing and he gave me a much needed tune up on my skills!" ~ Brette (NY Actress)

"My first lesson with Jordan was amazing! I learned so much about singing, acting, and the industry itself in the two hours I spent with him. I really enjoyed working with him and can’t wait to do it again!" ~ Anna

"Jordan is one of the few acting and career coaches who focuses mainly on improving your ability as an actor and how to really get into the industry, not just in your dreams. After meeting Jordan I learned how to act much more naturally and easily." ~ Bhaumik (Actor)

"JSG gave me a greater understanding of acting realistically by providing vocal coaching and also providing a greater understanding of how the entertainment industry works. Jordan provides great insight on how to get your career off on the right foot. I definitely recommend his lessons if you are a beginning actor and you are not quite sure about where you should start!" ~ David

"I learned more in two hours working with Jordan than I have in taking full courses at school. He was able to explain the material with me in a way that simply made sense, and I was able to understand him and improve right away." ~ Emma

"Working with Jordan is an awesome experience. There's a calming vibe that allows you to be yourself while, simultaneously, promoting professionalism.  There's vocabulary expansion, detailed critiques, exemplary encouragement, and etcetera. A session with Jordan is a beneficial step in the right direction for your career of choice. I'm looking forward to learning more in the next session." ~Phylicia 

"Jordan's coaching session really opened up my eyes to what a professional performer has to do to be a great performer. I have absolutely no acting experience, so I will need a lot of training in order to prove myself as a performer. He was honest, patient, and kind with me. I look forward to working with him more in the future." ~ Ariel


"I had a great time working with Jordan. He helped hone my acting and taught me about the business of the entertainment industry, but most importantly he taught me how get my foot in the door. I'm definitely continuing sessions with Jordan!" ~ Moby (Actor)

"It was an awesome experience talking to Jordan about acting. He is very fun and a very inspiring person and I am grateful to have an opportunity to hear his advice. It’s every actor’s dream to have a teacher like Jordan! I appreciate his help a lot. Looking forward to future lessons." ~ Sasha

"My daughter has been working with Jordan for a few weeks now and the progress she has made during that time is nothing short of amazing. She is quickly making progress and I see her applying the techniques she is using with Jordan for both acting and singing when practicing at home. Jordan was quick to put her at ease, he makes her laugh, and she is always anxious for her next session. Additionally, since we are new to the acting world, I greatly appreciate the guidance he is giving me when it comes to the business side of the industry. Because of this, I believe my child will truly be ready and prepared once we start auditioning. I cannot wait to see what awaits my daughter with the help of these sessions and Jordan’s instruction but, because of him, I know we are headed in the right direction." ~ Denise

“I feel extremely fortunate to have come across someone as experienced and talented as Jordan. I initially booked a 2hr session which was very beneficial. Jordan is an excellent instructor and I felt like I had my own personal “batting coach.” Jordan was able to explain things in ways that I could easily understand and we were able to accomplish quite a bit in our session. I plan on working with Jordan again as I feel he will help me improve on my acting abilities. Thanks Jordan!!” ~ Herb


"My first vocal lesson was informative and insightful. Within the hour I learned techniques that greatly aided to the use of my voice more properly. Also the lesson was wonderful because it focused on my sound and trying to achieve my voice's best sound. I had a great first lesson and I cannot wait to schedule my next appointment." ~ Charles (NY Actor)

"I am so glad I took a class with Jordan. He is very talented in making people feel comfortable and confident. He helped me to identify the areas I need to focus on in my singing and I actually felt improvement right away. I did not even know that there are so many good tricks and helpful exercises!  Usually big results start from small changes but those changes have to be applied in the right way – saves time and builds efficiency. So, I highly recommend to learn from the gurus in the areas you are seeking improvement at and I’m looking forward to working with Jordan again!" ~ Alena

"Jordan did a great job going over a monologue prior to an audition and giving feedback. I think he explains things well and my daughter was able to make some improvements. Definitely use his service if you want some feedback on interpreting and delivering a script as well (very helpful!)” ~ Addie


"He answered my questions, which I always wanted to toss to someone behind the table in an audition room. Even though the note I got from Jordan was a small thing, it changed my performance immediately. And now I know what I need to do to propel myself to the next level!" ~ Rina (NYC Actress)

"Jordan was incredibly helpful to me during our lesson. Not only did he give me great advice on the future of my career, but also he was able to pick out my weaknesses and show me how to turn them into strengths. I will definitely be coming back for more!" ~ Laura (NY Actress)​​

"Jordan Scott Gilbert is an amazing acting coach. He is very personable and gives honest feedback. His teaching style is very unique and when applied to the "craft" is invaluable to say the least. He is engagingly attentive and goes above and beyond to insure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed." ~ Crystal (Actress)

"My first lesson with Jordan was informative, and inspiring. I felt much more prepared about my personal journey and plan to ‘break into’ the business." ~ Josh (Actor)

"I had a vocal lesson with Jordan. And I just want to say, I learned a lot when I worked with him. He's so nice and teaches me a lot of techniques, gives me career info, and lots of other stuff. I learned a lot in 2 hours! He taught me things I never learn before like whistle tone! In short, Jordan is a good teacher and really professional!" ~Tan

“The first lesson I had with Jordan I had learned so much! My singing dramatically improved in just one lesson, and it was very noticeable. He is very knowledgeable about the industry, and i cannot wait to keep working with him and improve even more.” ~ Hannah

"Jordan did a great job of teaching me the process of working through an audition side, figuring out the intentions and emotions, and showing me how that in turn improved my performance. I was nervous going in, especially since I am very new to the industry, but he was very nice and open to any and all questions. I look forward to our next session!" ~ Eastin

"I just had my first lesson with Jordan Gilbert. I went into the lesson as a beginner and after only 2 hours with Mr. Gilbert I feel like a professional. The lesson was well constructed and filled with great information. I felt completely comfortable and enjoyed every minute of the lesson! If you are looking to work with him I would highly recommend it! ~ Felicia

“I just received a voice/acting lesson from Mr. Gilbert and it was amazing! I learned more valuable techniques to improve my sound and acting abilities. He was incredibly fun to work with and I’d be more than thrilled to work with him again! Thank you very much!” ~ AnaMarie

“It was wonderful working with Jordan. I learned so much in just a little bit of time. I look forward to our next session!” ~ Ashley

"Going into the lesson I didn’t know what to expect and was nervous but once the Skype video started I felt very welcomed and excited to get started... Jordan Scott Gilbert taught me a new breathing technique which truly helped in a matter of seconds and singing high notes became easier. Overall the experience was eye opening and made me excited more than ever to start my journey on the stage!!" ~ Alyssa

"My first lesson with Jordan was incredible!  I learned so much; from vocal technique to acting tips to how to start really getting into the business in just 2 hours!  Jordan really knows what he's talking about and is very passionate about helping young actors achieve their full potential.  I'm so happy I made the decision to work with him!" ~ Emily

"Not only did I learn acting technique for TV, Film and Stage, but he gave me excellent guidance (Do's and Don'ts) about the acting industry, auditions, agents, managers and more. I left with much more knowledge and direction than I had prior to our session! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise, Jordan!" - Sheryl

"Jordan Scott Gilbert's one-on-one coaching was extremely valuable. Not only was he able to pinpoint and put into words specific things that I needed to work on, he is also incredibly knowledgeable about the industry. He provided helpful insights and gave me a clear plan of action in pursuing an acting career. Besides being a great coach, Jordan is also an incredibly kind man, making it easy to learn from him. Any class with Jordan is time well spent!" ~ Tatiana (Actress)

“I had a great session with Jordan, he made sure I understood how everything works in this business. It was good to hear an honest critique and saves time rather than spending a couple months at a school. I recommend for people wanting insight on how to start out an find success.” - Danny

“Jordan is a great teacher with lot of great advice. He has helped me feel more confident in my acting career and I now feel like I have a direction to go in my career.” - Syd

"Jordan Gilbert's class was the most informative and I learned a lot from him. He gives many great advice that I found was really helpful. He explained everything step by step and gave a lot of insight on the industry and the career as well as auditioning and where to start. We went through some reading and he explained what I was doing wrong and how I can improve and preform the role better. As someone who is new with little experience, I feel this was very helpful and I would love to continue working with Jordan to improve." ~ Susan

"My name is Marie and my daughter Annemarie started classes a few weeks ago with Jordan and he is amazing. He explained step by step what the industry is like. What we need in order to succeed, what a scam is like and who you can sort of trust. He has been helping my daughter on how to feel more confident with herself, her acting and vocal skills. I’m very happy that I chose him to lead us. Thank you Jordan for all your help!" ~ Susan

"Jordan’s form of teaching has allowed me to explore my singing and acting voice freely and apply those techniques to my daily practice. I felt immediately compelled to be myself and his honesty has helped me to pin point my imperfections to improve and strengthen them. I would highly recommend!" ~ Manni

"Today I had my first lesson with Jordan and it was great. The two hours was packed with information and wonderful tips. Jordan did an amazing job giving instruction and insight on how to develop my skills. He really helped me hone in on what I need to work on to be successful. He is so genuine and I felt like he truly wants to help me become the best I can be." ~ Emma

"I really enjoyed this lesson. I learned so much from learning how to focus more on communication in acting to learning how to go about getting an agent. I also have a much broader opinion on how to get career success. Thank you so much!!" - Aoife

"Learned some great things. I loved going through the script and learning more about the business and the way it works. I appreciate all the tips Jordan gave me and what to work on and improve. I enjoyed the session and look forward to the next session." ~ Patricia

"I learned a lot of really useful information and I feel good about moving on to pursuing a job in the industry. The technique Jordan taught me really helped and he was super friendly." ~ Paige

"Jordan helped me get on track and feel confident in starting my artistic career. I had multi-faceted goals and wasn't sure where to start, and now I know my exact steps forward. Jordan was very honest, motivating. I got tips for singing, acting and career coaching all in one session. I got so much more out of my session than expected." ~ Evie

"Jordan was so helpful in releasing my full potential as an actor. I always felt scared of being too much or overacting that I would hold back- but Jordan helped me in truly letting go and being fully invested in songs. An amazing coach!" ~ Anthony

"As someone who is starting from complete scratch - no training, no workshops, and a handful of community theater performances 20+ years ago - my first lesson with Jordan was very eye opening. I learned more practical information in 2 hrs of Skyping with him than an entire lifetime of dreaming of learning acting as an expressive craft. He made the absolute most of our time and I’m inspired to learn more about the industry and art...whether I’m ever a working actor or not, I’m thrilled to grow for the sake of my own creative process and fulfillment. Jordan’s depth of insight is a gift." ~ Camille

"I really enjoyed the time that I had with Jordan. He was very clear about ways to improve the strength of my voice for both singing and speaking. He was very helpful in giving insider tricks that greatly improved my monologues. He was also helpful in explaining that this dream that I have had for so long can become a successful reality in his career advice. I cannot thank him enough for all the advice he has given me. Highly recommend working with him." ~ Elizabeth (Actress)

"Had a great time working with Jordan. Not only did he give me a simpler and grounded method in breaking down the script, he gave his wisdom on the business and issued the confidence in me that I had the talent and potential to succeed and be great. Something I'll make sure to hold while I face down the path at becoming a better actor and the best actor I can be." ~ Calvin (Actor)

"Working with Jordan was such a pleasure! He really took the time to get to know you, your goals, and the parts of the craft you want or need to improve upon. As a young singer, the breath and body exercises Jordan worked with me on gave me new, bigger capacity and range when I returned home. The best thing about my session with Jordan was the progressive nature of the lesson; he would start small with one little adjustment, and layer skills sets on top of one another to quickly and effectively produce the result you were hoping for! I really value this work, and am looking forward to continue working with Jordan!" ~ Eryka (NY Actress)

“The experience of learning from Mr. Gilbert has been like no other! Within the first lesson I had a set plan of what I wanted to accomplish and how to get there. Highly recommended to all of those that want to learn more about acting.” ~ Dustin (NY Actor)

"My 8-year old daughter is just getting into the acting business, so we didn't really know what to expect from her first lesson with a true professional like Jordan!  My daughter can be a bit shy at first, but Jordan made her feel at ease right away.  In just the first lesson, he successfully taught her how to feel and express the emotions of a monologue and he taught her different ways to express the same piece.  Jordan also worked with my daughter on a singing piece for a video tape submission.  She needed a lot of work on it in the beginning, but in just a short period of time, she was able to sing the piece much more confidently and stronger.  I was personally impressed with how responsive and well-organized Jordan is.  He seems to be truly invested in his students and wants them to learn and grow.  He also shares a lot of very helpful information with the parents!  I am looking forward to my daughter starting regular lessons with Jordan very soon!" ~ Jennifer

“I am so thankful to have found Jordan Scott Gilbert! After one class with Jordan, I have learned so much about the industry. I am confident in honing my skill with Jordan’s expertise. Under his mentorship you will gain a plethora of knowledge. I look forward to my next class! Thank you, Jordan!” ~ Chelsea

“Working with Jordan was very eye opening and helped me expand my way of thinking about the industry. His approach to who he is talking to is very level and easy to follow. Speaking with Jordan has guided me in the right direction to fulfill my passion and set a clear path for me to follow to get there.” ~ Amber (Actress)

"Jordan is very knowledgeable about all things Broadway, movies, TV, vocal coaching, etc.. He also knows the business side of the entertainment industry. He can help with many things on the business side of things including finding an agent that best fits your needs. Jordan made us feel comfortable. He is a very nice person and easy to work with. We are looking forward to working with him in the future." - Greg

“Jordan Scott Gilbert is an amazing coach and instructor. My 11-year-old daughter Emma enjoys working with Jordan and he is teaching her specific techniques to improve her voice and acting skills. I can hear an improvement in her singing after one session! He’s also given me plenty of advice for her career. Working with Jordan has been the best decision we’ve made!” ~ Summer

"Working with Jordan was a wonderful experience. He made me feel at ease. His acting coaching was straight to the point and concise. The exercises we did together brought a new dimension to my performance. These exercises are something I can use throughout the rest of my career. The career coaching portion of our lesson answered all the questions I had about the business of acting, and brought up many issues I never even thought of. I feel much more confident going into auditions and approaching agents after my lesson with Jordan." ~ Sara (Actress)

“I got a lot of great information from Jordan and he was very patient with me. Thanks!” ~ Quanita (Actress)

"Jordan was great, he not only helped me improve my resonation and vowel placement  but also gave me life and career advice that was from a perspective I never had the experience to hear from until that lesson. Just overall a great experience!" ~ James

"Five stars. Jordan is kind and knowledgeable. He taught me new breathing and singing methods. He has an answer for any problem when it comes to singing. I loved the lesson and can't wait for my next one. Thank you!" - Cecilia

"Jordan welcomed our family into the world of musical theater through our 8 year old daughter's voice lessons. This is all new to us and we appreciated his ability to not only offer great voice lessons where she learned new breathing and vocal techniques, but also got to know her and encourage her passion toward Broadway by suggesting new shows for her to see and new songs for her to learn. We are all so grateful for this incredible opportunity." - Alexis

"My first lesson was everything I was promised and more. The first half of the lesson where we worked on my personal performance was inspiring. I was given feedback in a constructive and genuine way. The knowledge that was shared about the business side was clearly from someone who knows what they are talking about. It is so important to be able to set your self up as best you can for success and I received so many helpful steps that I would have never known about!" ~ Gabrielle (Actress)


"This session was incredibly helpful. It provided a great insight into how the industry works. This is stuff that schools don't teach you. Highly recommend." ~ Kayla (Actress)

"Thank you Jordan for giving me the confidence, guidance, insight and your expertise to helping me find my true voice!" ~ Terace (Actor)

"I really enjoyed this class... I learned a lot within one hour and I will be returning again." ~ John

"I had an amazing class with Jordan Gilbert! Everything was super personalized, fun, and informative. In just one hour he taught me new techniques I had never heard of! He helped me break down a song and really get to the root of it. He welcomes mistakes and gives you career advice you can’t get anywhere else. I would definitely recommend." ~ Andrea

"Jordan is a great teacher. I learned a lot of things about the acting industry. He's nice, kind and patient. I highly recommend him!" ~ Yaxi (Actress)

"Jordan is an instructor who is detailed and clear simultaneously. In my first session with him, he kindly answered all of my questions and expertly described the complexity of the acting industry.  He gave me specific and helpful advice on steps that I could take as an actress that were tailored to my current experience and goals. In just a few minutes into my song, he helped me create a fuller and more rich sound. But throughout it all, what I found most helpful about his lesson was the positive constructive criticism he gave, leaving me feeling inspired to complete a set of goals in further developing my craft. If you are looking for a down-to-earth, experienced, constructive, fun, and helpful teacher, a lesson with Jordan will do the trick." ~  Katharine

"Really great lesson with a lot of life information. Jordan has a way of finding the thing that will break down the wall we put up naturally as strangers and by the end of the one lesson I felt I was learning from a coach I have been working with for years! Cannot wait for the next lesson!" ~ James

"Jordan was thorough, concise and so great at giving advice that I could utilize right away in my performance. He pinpoints exactly the spots to work on, and gave honest feedback that challenged me to develop both technique and artistry. The he gave me has helped me build a foundation from which I can continue improving; and his extensive knowledge of the industry and its processes has given me clarity AND a focused plan for moving forward. So much learned in 2 hours with a genuinely kind and talented person!" ~ Angela

"I didn’t really know what to expect, I’m someone who aspires to be a film actress but I have very limited experience with acting. My experience with Jordan was nothing short of incredible. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding some acting techniques and the film business. He explained the techniques easily enough so that I can implement into my own performances. We had a Skype lesson, and as we practiced on a side I chose for the lesson, he gave some constructive criticism, so I know what I need to work on. I’m incredibly thankful to have Jordan as my coach and I look forward to booking another Skype lesson with him. Thank you!" ~ Casilda

"I have the privilege of taking my first acting class in a LONG time with Jordan Gilbert. His warm and supportive demeanor put me at ease right away. He gave me practical and insightful tips about next steps in honing my craft as well as practical ideas in terms of career coaching. I’m looking forward to my next lesson!" ~ Nicole

“Jordan is highly knowledgeable about the business and is an effective and engaging coach. My first session with him was over Skype (super convenient as I don’t live in the city), and I learned so much during the monologue work. The second portion involved business coaching, which is really essential to someone entering the industry from another career. I look forward to working with him again, honing my skills and learning more about the industry so that I can best navigate my path. Thank you Jordan!” ~ Dara (Actress)

"I had an excellent time during my one on one career coaching with Jordan. He was so proactive in speaking about the industry that I hardly had any questions to ask by the end of our interaction. I would definitely recommend Jordan to anyone seeking to learn more about the business side of the industry."  ~ Matt

“Jordan made me feel comfortable enough to express myself as an artist and he is very knowledgeable about the entertainment industry. I’ve learned so much from Jordan about character analysis, not over-thinking an emotion but just going for it while being in the moment. He also introduced me to some vocal techniques in which helped to improve my singing voice. He gave me some helpful tips of how to communicate with agents and managers in addition to general information of how to break into the business. It was an incredible experience. Jordan is multi-talented, funny, and personable. Book a session with Jordan Gilbert, you won’t regret it." ~ Desiree (Actress)

“I was amazed at what I learned from Jordon in my first lesson and am anxiously awaiting my next lesson.” ~ Terry

“My session with Broadway’s Jordan Scott Gilbert was more than just a typical coaching one would expect, rather inspirational. It was evident that he was deeply engaged to knowing me aside from voice, look, and time alone. He was more about providing genuine and knowledgeable truths from years of professional experience many are unsure of, guiding me for the betterment in transition to the musical theatre industry. His coaching helped me to reflect my journey, realigning my focus while providing songs and technique I can soar with! The world could use more coaches like Jordan that show us it is more than just about the notes and voice alone. Live your truth while discovering your journey with Jordan on your side!” ~ Seth (Actor)

"Jordan seemed very knowledgeable about acting! I feel as if he definitely led me in the right direction. He also is easily accessible & responsive if I have questions!" ~ Abby

"Working with Jordan taught me so much; in just two hours I really felt the difference when applying the tips and tricks he suggested, and are ones I can and will implement going forward. Jordan was also super real about the advice he gave for breaking into and working in the industry. I really appreciated his insight. Highly recommend working with Jordan!" ~ Reagan

“My lesson with Jordan was very eye-opening. It helped me realize things that I was not aware of before. For instance, I realized the significance of intention in acting and support/mouth position in singing. I'm naturally a very shy person but straight away, Jordan made me feel quite comfortable. I find him to be a very amazing teacher.” ~ Lamia (Actress)

"Jordan was a pleasure to work with. He makes you feel at ease and comfortable. He is honest and fair and an excellent teacher. Anyone with the chance should work with him. He's a realist and truly tells you about the business and teaches you all the ins and outs." ~ Christopher (NY Actor)

"My first lesson with Jordan was really comfortable and productive! He communicated with me in a way that was easy for me to understand and I didn't feel self-conscious at all (which I usually do).  Jordan helped me regain a solid foundation and a confidence that will make my vocal technique something that can support me for a career in the performing arts. Love that guy! Can't wait for the next lesson!" ~ Laura (NY Actor)

"Our first session with Jordan was incredible. My daughter felt a connection with him immediately and he was able to recognize her strengths and weaknesses from her first monologue. His coaching on intention was particularly helpful for her. Jordan took the time to explain the industry to her, as well as me. Thank you so much! Excited to for her to continue with Jordan!" ~ Nicole

"Jordan has loads of personal experience and knowledge about the Film and TV industry. He has patience when dealing with beginners and can correct any errors or flaws you have in your acting. He’s very honest on his critique and can dissect the the root of your errors. He’s a great teacher. I would recommend his lessons to anyone looking to perfect there craft." ~ Alex

"My vocal/acting session with Jordan was absolutely amazing! Not only did I leave with new techniques and skills to continue to build upon, I left with a greater understanding of how the industry works. With so many options available at my disposal, I can now make better decisions about my future in music and acting. I loved and appreciated that Jordan's approach to coach was realistic and tangible. I've never had a coach provide me with real advice rather than their opinion. Within minutes of going over different vocal technique, I could tell a huge difference in the sound and depth of my voice. I will definitely continue to use the tools I learned with Jordan and apply them to my daily routine." ~ Avery (Actor)

"My first Session with Jordan Scott Gilbert was very insightful upon learning some of the most effective methods to begin your approach into the industry. I was also very delighted to know that Mr. Jordan is on my side and wanting to support my career. Having a friend in this business is very important in order to gain exposure and make great artwork together." - Juan

"Jordan has been an amazing help thus far in the process. He treats you with the utmost respect/importance and you can tell he has a drive to help his students. He tries to keep things light and exciting. I've been to 2 highly sought after acting and modeling schools and I feel like I have a better perspective of the lifestyle and what to expect after my first class with him. He expressed to me that he wants to make sure I have all the materials I need before seeking out representation. I will recommend him to anyone regardless of their experience because this man is extremely knowledgeable." ~ Christie (Actress)

"Jordan does an incredible job of making you feel comfortable and ready to work and learn more about this awesome craft! Jordan gave great insight into the industry and the steps necessary to have a successful career! He gives you the art and the business all in one. I would HIGHLY recommend a session with him and can't wait to do another!" ~ Ben (Actor)


“Deciding to study with Jordan Scott Gilbert was one of the best decisions I have made for my performing career. I was stuck and wasn’t sure what to do next. Mr. Gilbert not only helped me embrace new parts of my voice, but also provided incredible insight into the business side of the industry. It was exact instruction I needed to push my career forward. I learned more in one session with Mr. Gilbert than I have in the multiple lessons I’ve taken over the years. I look forward to working with him again.” ~ Katharine (Actress)

"The time I spent in training with Jordan was INCREDIBLE. He was very patient with this newbie, and provided me with indispensable instructions and knowledge. I walked away from our time together with a renewed sense of determination. Because of the awesome guidance and directions he gave me, I was immediately able to see the benefits. He also provided insight into the business side of the Entertainment Industry that will be valuable for years to come. If you are looking for the best way to hone your craft, and have been searching for a Fantastic, Amazing and Genuine trainer, STOP HERE!! Make the investment in you, and take advantage of all Jordan has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!!" ~ Vanetta (Actress)