Jordan Scott Gilbert, an Acclaimed Award Winning Broadway/TV/Film Producer and Actor, is bringing a new kind of show to town – a provocative and intimate faith-based piece that is sure to surprise, shock, entertain, and CHANGE your life.  “Celebrity Confessions: Live from Broadway” will open on Monday, June 12th at 7:00 p.m. at the Actors Temple Theatre, 330 West 47th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenue) in New York City.

“Celebrity Confessions: Live From Broadway” is a live Off-Broadway show in New York City that invites you to spend an intimate evening with personalities from Broadway, TV, Film, and Media as they reveal their most personal stories -- including testimonies of faith in God and revelations of overcoming life's biggest issues. Each show has its own lineup of guests and is never the same twice. The show is unique and seemingly one of a kind among the line-up of current Broadway and Off-Broadway shows on their first, second, and third runs.  And the show’s creator and producer Gilbert, is unique, as is his show.

Gilbert is one of the youngest Award Winning Broadway Producers and Performers in Broadway Theatrical history, being the first ever recipient of the Broadway Producer of the Year Award for “Ghost The Musical,” which received 3 Tony® Award and Drama League Award nominations, as well as a Drama Desk Award. He has worked with some of the most successful actors, singers, writers, composers, directors, and producers in the world and is the President of his own independent production and casting companies, representing Film, Television, and Theatrical productions worldwide.

“The goal of "Celebrity Confessions" is to bring good news to a world that has become increasingly hostile. The show encourages the audience that there is truth to walk in; freedom from the bondage of the mind and body; and hope for a better future – all things based on the reality of personal experiences of the "stars" on stage and not just poetic concepts to strive after,” says Gilbert. 

“Celebrity Confessions: Live from Broadway” could very well be a big hit – and just as importantly open the door to a lucrative faith-based market and audience that has not successfully been tapped on Broadway as it has in movies and book publishing.

“Movies like “The Passion Of The Christ,” which has grossed over $600 Million alone, and recent faith-based films like “God’s Not Dead” and “War Room,” which have grossed over $60 Million each, are a testament to how there is huge box office potential in faith-oriented entertainment for investors,” says Gilbert.

“About 75% of Americans identify as Christian. As a Jewish believer, producing live faith-based theatre is a personal endeavor that arose from my own spiritual walk. Producing live faith-oriented theatre can not only edify, but for investor's interest, can potentially gross far more than any Broadway show that’s ever existed. Some of the most successful musicals of all time have had Biblical themes, from the convict turned saint Jean Valjean in the billion dollar worldwide phenomenon “Les Misérables,” to the worldwide hit “Jesus Christ Superstar;” faith-themed theatre can invite a universal audience and make for powerful, enjoyable, moving, passionate, and even romantic storytelling that people can relate to on some level, no matter what their religious backgrounds or spiritual beliefs are,” says Gilbert.

Gilbert is not the only star on Broadway that feels “Celebrity Confessions: Live from Broadway” is breaking new ground.


Jared Mason, who starred as Jerry Lee Lewis in Broadway’s Tony-Award nominated “Million Dollar Quartet” states, “Jordan Scott Gilbert is breaking new ground and trying something that could change the entire landscape of Broadway. Hearing, seeing, and experiencing testimonies from some of the most talented people on earth has the potential to be life changing for multitudes of people. This idea goes way beyond entertainment and will undoubtedly bring about transformation in our world!”

Dr. David Christian Anderson, President of the Christian ministry, Mastermedia, which facilitates relationships between leaders in Hollywood and the media to the Christian community at large says, “Jordan Scott Gilbert has given us a wonderful gift of the opportunity to spend an evening together with the world’s storytellers of Broadway, television, and film, as they open up and share their own personal stories. These intimate, no holds barred encounters will surprise you, sadden you, encourage you, and above all, change you!  Mr. Gilbert’s hope is that "Celebrity Confessions" will bring good news of faith and hope to today’s world.”


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