How To Walk As A Christian

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Below is a link to a great free "Verse By Verse" Bible study tool to help you have an in depth and accurate study of the scriptures so that you can apply them to your own life. There is a sound teaching for every few verses. It is recommended to begin studies in the New Testament starting with the book of Matthew, then once all the studies from the books of the New Testament are completed, you can go back to the Old Testament starting with the book of Genesis. "Verse By Verse" is also available in app format (both for iOS & Android):

Below is a link to e-Sword where you can download the Bible on your phone or computer (available for Mac, iOS, PC, & Android). It has a KJV+ option, where you will be able to see the Hebrew and Greek definition for any word in the Bible. Please keep in mind that CONTEXT for everything in the Bible is key, which is why the "Verse By Verse" teaching website is provided above.

Here are recommended Study Bibles based on assumed accuracy:

KJV Life Application Study Bible

KJV Sword Study Bible

My favorite Bible site:

acting and singing lessons

My Personal Christian Testimony:

Note: "I gave up my career seeking the praise of men and being involved with projects that don't glorify God, but I am full well involved with projects that do!" ~ Jordan

"Some with more visible gifts (see 1 Corinthians 12) such as teaching, singing, or playing a musical instrument might be tempted to use their gift for their own glory. Those who use their talents or spiritual gifts coveting the praise of men rather than seeking God’s glory receive their “payment” in full here and now. The applause of men was the extent of the Pharisees’ reward (Matthew 6:16). Why should we work for worldly plaudits, however, when we can have so much more in heaven?" ~

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